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October 10
16:08 2018

The Belize Coast Guard and officials in the Ministry of National Security are yet to publicly address reports that an active Coast Guard officer was convicted of assaulting a woman during his time of service with the British military and was accused of raping two other women and sexually assaulting another, though those charges against him were later dismissed.

According to media coverage of the case in the United Kingdom, Lee Charles Busano was based at the Weeton Army Camp in 2015 and was accused of raping two women and sexually assaulting another woman eight months later. Busano was acquitted of the two rape charges but was convicted of physically harming one of the women. Busano reportedly left the victim’s face and nose busted up after head-butting her repeatedly. Busano told the court that any sexual activity between him and the women was consensual.

He allegedly served eight months behind bars, and returned to Belize sometime after then made his way into the Coast Guard. The Reporter understands that since the report made headlines earlier this week, officials within the Ministry of National Security and the Coast Guard have made preliminary inquiries to determine how Busano made it through vetting. The Reporter attempted to contact the Minister of National Security, John Saldivar; Coast Guard Commander, John Borland; and Ministry CEOs Felix Enriquez and Ret. Col. George Lovell, however, none responded to requests for comment on the matter.
The victims described Busano as aggressive and claimed he boasted that he could do whatever he wanted. Busano defended himself in a Facebook post earlier this week. On that page, Admiral Borland also shared words of support for Busano on the post according to media reports this week.

Revolutionary leaders are in urgent need and in very short supply. These leaders must be able to create a holding environment to contain the heat that will surely be generated by addressing the various difficult issues facing our people. This holding environment cannot be a physical one. It must be an ideal, a spiritual power that enables these leaders to channel the passions and creative ideas of strong-headed passionate leaders into workable solutions for Belize. These leaders must also be able to communicate to all our security forces and find ways to engage them fully in their duty to the people and not the politicians. These leaders must be charismatic, honest and brave and must be welcome in all circles.

Our people have forgotten that they have a moral and constitutional right to resist injustice and tyranny. A justified, organized resistance can function to ensure the ultimate enforcement of democracy where the political and judicial systems have become one and differ drastically and systematically from the will of the nation (the people). The level of abuse of power in our country leaves us with no alternative path to resistance; the normal channels of the voices of our people are not being heard and are ineffective. The levels of crime, political corruption and injustice have become truly intolerable, without conventional legal remedy.

Belize’s leadership is in turmoil and in desperate need of revolutionary resistance. This type of resistance is different from civil disobedience. Civil disobedience is nonviolent protest designed to affect public policies. In contrast, the revolution we need in this time of turmoil must have as its aim not merely the replacement of policies with more desirable ones but the wholesale restructuring of an entire regime.

The corrupt leaders who have abused their power and disgraced our nation must be removed one way or the other; and leaders who will take up this challenge need to stop mincing words. The country’s leadership is in turmoil and we must find a way, constitutionally, to remove the tyrants.

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