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September 14
12:25 2018
By: Mike Rudon Jr. -

I was at the press conference held by the Police top brass, including the Police Minister and his Deputy Minister, this week. They trotted out everybody they could spare to share in this joyous occasion – a little, itty bitty plane with drugs intercepted, after about 10 large jets (that we know about) landed successfully without Police interception – at least lawful Police interception, that is. As I watched them pontificate, I couldn’t help but think that they really take the Belizean people for fools. As the media asked questions, I watched them grin and giggle. They could not contain their mirth as they dodged questions and withheld all details but those few they chose to share. As is most always the case, it was a farce. I always leave these conferences feeling cheated and somehow violated. I wanted to rail at them, and ask what the hell is so funny. I wanted to ask them why they were so happy. Don’t they understand that nobody believes the words that are coming out of their mouths? Don’t they realize that nobody believes them anymore, and that they are largely the subject of scorn and ridicule?

Somebody sent me a video of Minister Boots Martinez in the 10th parade. I understand it was also in the news Tuesday night. I’d love to say that his behaviour shocked me, or even surprised me. But it doesn’t, anymore. All I feel is this deep sense of shame. I want to send out a memo regionally and internationally explaining that we are not all like that, and we should not be judged by his example. Seriously. This is our Minister of Human Development. Is it any wonder we are where we are as a country? This is our Minister of Social Transformation. My lerd. Imagine that. God help us all.

This week, also, I was sent a video of a woman performing fellatio on an unknown person. Whoever started circulating the video was very helpful. In case we couldn’t tell who the woman was from the video, they included a picture of her. How, as a people, did we become so disrespectful and hateful and petty and just plain bizarre? This is not the first, and it almost certainly will not be the last sexual video posted on social media. There have been many instances of nude photos of mostly women but also men in compromising positions posted for all the world to see. Don’t we understand that these persons are human beings? Can we not comprehend that these persons have family that loves them, and kids that will see these images and be scarred by them? The really scary thing is that persons who choose to blast others in this fashion know fully well the damage it will cause. But they do it anyway. And people love it.

I remember, not very long ago, that a young girl killed herself. She was a child who was well loved, and a member of a privileged family. There was talk at the time that she committed suicide because she had taken nude photos with a boyfriend who then broke up with her and threatened to release the photos. I believe that. I do. These things can change people’s lives forever.

I am consistently saddened by what we have become, what makes us happy, and what gives us pleasure. We seem so exceptionally pleased when we bring down others. I don’t remember if I was ever like that. Maybe I was, at some point in my life. But I learned a long time ago that we are all human, and all deserving of love and respect – well all except Boots (sorry that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). I have done the most idiotic things under the influence of alcohol, things which I am paying for even today. So I tend to be a little more careful in how quickly I move to condemn others.

We need to try to find our better selves. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am a hell of a sinner. And I will never be a saint. But I want to be a good person so that my children can look up to me and people can respect me. I always have wanted respect and appreciation, perhaps more than anything else in my life. Even in my professional life, I always expected people to see my value, even when I was spending my time in bars and bordellos and being utterly obnoxious.

I know, I know…I jump from one thing to the next. But here’s something else to close off. Don’t drink if you cannot handle it. You’re out there thinking you’re having fun, and everything loves you. But they don’t. They’re not laughing with you. They’re laughing at you. Liquor destroys lives. Take it from me. I will leave this earth still paying for the things I’ve done under the influence. Just walk away. Give it up. Hold on to God. Hold on to your family. And be a good person. And that’s it.

– – – –  The End – – – –

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