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August 30
09:29 2018

The search for missing American national Sherris Stringham, 63, took another turn last night after Police found her green Nissan Xterra abandoned near the Orange Walk Bypass. Reports are that the insurance sticker was torn off and the license plates had been removed.

A senior Police source today told the Reporter that nothing was found in the vehicle to shed any light on the whereabouts of Stringham, or even to who might have taken her, since from the lack of evidence it appears the driver was wearing gloves.

On Tuesday, Police reportedly detained one individual from Silk Grass, found in the Belmopan area, who they believe can assist in the investigation, but it is not clear as we go to press whether he has been released.

A close associate of Stringham told the Reporter that the individual who is in Police custody had been spending a considerable amount of time with the missing woman prior to her disappearance.

Stringham, who lived alone, was last seen on August 25th. Following several unanswered phone calls and her absence from a planned get-together with friends on Sunday and Monday, her close associate went looking for her and found out that she was not at home and her vehicle was missing. Her purse and wallet, however, were left behind, an occurrence that friends found disturbing and a cause for suspicion.

On Thursday Police did not want to disclose any official information on the case, but we were told by a senior source that investigators suspect foul play.

Stringham’s disappearance comes on the heels of the sensational murder of retired British national Richard Foster who was abducted from his home and stabbed to death a little over three weeks ago. Last month there was also the senseless murder of retired American national Cliff Kirk who was shot to his head during a home invasion at his residence in San Pedro. The disappearance of British national Bruce Davidson who went missing from his home close to Belmopan three months ago remains unsolved even after his home was torched to the ground and his belongings found at a residence in Roaring Creek Village.

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