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Wounded Referee Needs Specialist Treatment

Wounded Referee Needs Specialist Treatment
August 21
16:08 2018
By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Wounded football referee Yuri Daniels needs advanced dental-related treatment following an assault last week Sunday by a male football player during a game she was officiating.

Daniels told the Reporter on Monday that she discovered upon her dentist visit that she needs to see a Maxillofacial Specialist, who is someone that specializes in injuries in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, jaws and face.

Daniels shared that she needs to undergo a panoramic X-ray that would determine if she has suffered any damage to the Palatine nerves, which run across the roof of the mouth and line the membrane of the nasal cavity.

In addition, she has ulcers on the area where she suffered trauma and she needs root canals and crowns for three top teeth that were broken and dislodged by the blow she suffered.

Meanwhile, Football Federation of Belize’s Vice President, Marlon Kuylen told the Reporter late Monday that some people from the Diaspora have promised to help Daniels with her children’s schooling until she recovers. Some of her referee colleagues are also collecting monies to assist her.

Darnell Mossiah, 27, the football player from San Antonio Village, Corozal who pleaded guilty to punching Daniels is also looking at another possible ban from playing football.

Kuylen told us that the FFB’s Disciplinary Committee will review all reports of the incident, including Daniels’ report, after which it will decide what penalty it will impose on Mossiah.

In addition to that, Mossiah will face a civil suit from Daniels for the distress his action has caused her and her two young sons who witnessed the incident.

For his guilty plea before Magistrate Michelle Trapp last week, Mossiah was fined $2,000, payable to the Government of Belize on or by October 15.

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