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August 16
17:16 2018

Yuri Daniels, the female referee who was knocked unconscious by a sucker punch during a football match she was officiating last Sunday, needs your assistance.

The 31 year-old, a single mother of three teenage youth, two of whom are attending high school, is unable to cook and sell her food to help her children prepare for the new school year this month.

In an exclusive interview with the Reporter on Wednesday, Daniels said that the blow knocked her unconscious for several minutes and that when she finally regained consciousness, she was already almost at the Corozal Community Hospital. The punch split her mouth on the upper lip and on the cheek, dislodged three of her teeth, and has caused severe and constant headaches that make her unable to sleep. Even though a first CT Scan has not revealed any fracture to her cheekbone, she is worried because she has not been able to swallow any food since Sunday. The only way she can consume anything is by drinking fluids through a straw and even that is a painful process, she says.

The physical pain and the inability to work to sustain her family is not the only problems affecting this mother. She told us, through tears that her two young sons were at the football game and witnessed the incident. That has left them distraught and has created another trying situation for her to deal with.

The football player who attacked Daniels, Darnell Mossiah, 27, was playing on the San Antonio team against Concepcion at the Libertad Football field in Corozal last week Sunday evening. Sometime after 5:00pm, Daniels was in the process of issuing him a red card after he had elbowed a player from the opposing team. Daniels said she was in the process of writing up the card when suddenly she was struck in the mouth and collapsed.

The referee told us that she had only seen Mossiah a few times before then about a year ago when they worked in different departments at Vegas Casino at the Corozal border. She said they never spoke to each other then and the only other time she saw him was Sunday when she was officiating the game.

Police had filed a charge of Wounding against Mossiah and he quickly pleaded guilty to the charge before Magistrate Michelle Trapp in the Corozal Magistrate’s Court. Magistrate Trapp fined him $2,000 plus $5 cost of court, to be paid to the Government of Belize by October 15. If he fails to do so, he will spend nine months in prison.

The incident has drawn public anger and disgust against Mossiah for his action. People have voiced their sentiment that he should have faced far more severe penalties for his actions. But the penalty was commensurate with the charge of Wounding. The Reporter inquired of Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett how Police arrived at that charge and he said that they were guided by the medical report.

“The Police arrived at that charge based on the classification of the injuries as examined by the doctor. We cannot charge for a more grave offence if that is what the doctor observed,” Myvett explained, pointing to the various classifications of injury that are listed on the Medico Legal form that each attending general practitioner fills out upon administering medical care to wounded patients.

Daniels told us that the incident has put her through so much pain and distress that she cannot let Mossiah get away with the assault. Through an attorney being provided by the Football Federation of Belize, Daniels is going to take out a civil suit against him for damages. She feels that if players like Mossiah are not held financially responsible for the medical and dental bills and whatever other bills and losses are incurred by the injury, this behaviour will become the norm.

Until that civil claim is heard, however, and judgment is passed, Daniels needs help to cover those expenses, meet bills and provide for her children. Anyone who wishes to assist her can do so by calling her on her cellphone at: 636 2771 or by depositing monetary contributions to her account at Saint Francis Xavier Credit Union, account number: 000 023 660

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