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Four shot, including pregnant mother, in Trial Farm

Four shot, including pregnant mother, in Trial Farm
June 29
15:02 2018

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

A Trial Farm family in Orange Walk is shaken after a gunman terrorized their yard on Tuesday night, leaving a pregnant woman and three other people wounded. One of the four victims remains in ciritcal condition.
According to police, after 7:30 p.m., residents living on San Narciso street reported hearing approximately 14 gunshots. When the commotion ended, an unidentified man with a gun in his hand was seen running away. He reportedly jumped into a black car, which was parked nearby and sped off down the street.

Diana Ack, 26, who is pregnant, was shot once to the right side of her chest and lower arm. Monico Gomez, 20, was also shot to the left side of his chest. Ack and Gomez were quickly rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital where doctors classified their condition as critical.
Nazario Herrera Sr., 35, the owner of the property was also shot to the left side of his buttocks and Victor Ku, 19, was shot to his left foot.
According to Herrera, he and two other individuals were socializing in front of the yard when a gunman opened the gate, snuck up on them and fired shots before they could realize what was happening.

Herrera told police that despite seeing two of his daughters playing beside the house, the gunman fired indiscriminately. To prevent his daughters from getting shot, Herrera ran to them and threw them in the house.

The gunman then entered the house and aimed his gun at the couple’s one-year-old son but Ack intervened, which led to her being shot.
The gun’s magazine, however, seemed to have been empty at that point so Herrerra used that opportunity to grab a machete and chased the assailant away.

Herrera said he recognized the gunman and has had a previous confrontation with him.
On Thursday police confirmed that Herrera had not made an official report and as such, police have been unable to identify or arrest the individual.

Police say that Herrera has had a previous history with the law and could not pinpoint a motive for the attack on his life and that of his family.

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