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June 22
13:45 2018

After some fierce and heated debate this week, the Canadian Senate approved legislation which will make it legal for everybody above 19 years to buy and use marijuana. The final vote was 52-29. Under the new law Canadians will be able to own and carry up to 30 grams of dried marijuana for personal use. And every family will be able to cultivate up to four marijuana plants in their homes.

Those caught with more and those who supply minors will face penalties. The arguments in favor of ending the prohibition are curiously similar to those advanced by people opposed – the welfare of Canada’s young people. Those in favor of marijuana argue that the “just-say no” approach has failed the young people of Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented on Tuesday: “It’s been too easy for our kids to get marijuana and for criminals to reap the profits.” Representing those opposed to the new liberalism is Senator Linda Frum who wrote to say: “Sad day for Canada’s kids”. Conservative MP Leo Housakos added: “There is now a propensity (among young people) to be more inclined to use it!”
From this newspaper’s perspective in Belize, looking at the thousands of ruined lives among our young addicts, we believe we can see with greater clarity the immensity and permanence of the effect that marijuana use has on the minds and personalities of our young people.

We agree emphatically with the view of Senator Frum. We do not see how the new dispensation will protect Canadian youngsters from the temptation to try this mind-morphing drug.
But physiological considerations aside, marijuana is a money-maker for anybody who can control the trade. Today nearly 400,000 people cross the border into Canada every day, and analysts say the trade in cannabis could eventually be worth $5 to 7 billion dollars a year.
Moreover it was an election promise, a plum, from Prime Minister Tr


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