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Venezuela demands respect from US

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said he demanded respect from the United States during an encounter with Vice-President Joe Biden in Brazil.

Maduro and Biden met briefly after President Dilma Rousseff’s inauguration ceremony in Brasilia.

“I have demanded this time what we had demanded from the US 1,000 times before: a relationship based on respect, nothing else,” said Maduro.

Last month the US imposed sanctions on high-level Venezuelan officials.

The bill targets current and former Venezuelan officials who directed “significant acts of violence or serious human rights abuses against persons associated with the anti-government protests in Venezuela that began on 4 February”.

Maduro said he met Biden after coming out of a bilateral meeting with Rousseff at the Planalto presidential palace.

He described the meeting as “cordial and respectful”.

“We have a government in Venezuela that complies with international law and is appreciated and supported by the whole continent,” Maduro told journalists.

(Source: BBC World)

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