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US cuts down on embassy deployment in Ecuador

By: Marion V.Ali

About 20 of the US government’s officials will leave Ecuador by the end of this month in compliance with an order from the Ecuadorean government.

President Rafael Correa told the US Department of Defense earlier this month to leave the country because of concerns that the US was allegedly meddling in his country’s internal affairs. The order followed a threat by Correa to drastically reduce the number of US government officials in his country. The order, however, does not affect the US military attache in Ecuador.

The US, meantime, says it has roughly 20 military personnel at its embassy in Quito. Relations between the two countries have been less than friendly since Correa’s election in 2007. Two years after he took over as President, Ecuador refused to renew an agreement with the US that allowed its drug-interdiction flights to be based at airfield in Ecuador.

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