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Protests and strikes break out in Brazil

By Marion V. Ali

Brazilians angry about the changes that next month’s World Cup has and hasn’t brought are staging violent protests and strikes across the country. The incidents come barely a month before the event opens in Brazil. The protesters accuse their government of spending billions on new stadiums and not enough on low-income housing.

On Thursday demonstrations took place in 18 cities – with the biggest and most violent happening in Sao Paulo where police released tear gas and protesters hurled rocks, breaking the windows of a bank and a car dealership in the process. The inaugural game of the World Cup will take place on June 12 at the Arena Sao Paulo.

Meanwhile also in Sao Paulo, more than 5,000 striking teachers marched to demand higher wages, and anti-World Cup protesters and homeless activists vowed to keep up the pressure through the World Cup, which ends on July 13.
A total of 600,000 foreign visitors are expected to travel to Brazil for the global event.

(Pic: Andre Penner/AP/BBC)

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