OECS Export Development Unit works with regional entrepreneurs to promote trade with French Caribbean

The OECS Export Development Unit (EDU) says it is working with regional entrepreneurs to further promote trade with the French Caribbean following a successful fact finding business mission to the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe.
A statement from the St. Lucia-based OECS Secretariat said that during the mission, representatives of firms from the sub-regional grouping attended seminars, and meetings on discussing trade relations, possible joint ventures as well as meeting with the important stakeholders in the two countries.
Citing the on global economic situation, Philbert said he welcomed the initiative as one intended to spur economic activity and employment in the region.
Philbert said the mission was a major first step in the efforts at building stronger trading links with the French islands as well as to expose the region’s firms to best practices in the areas of economic and trade facilitation in these two major markets.

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