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Former US Navy SEAL talks about bin Ladin’s capture

The former Navy SEAL who says he fired the shot that killed Osama bin Laden says he doesn’t care if people do not believe him.

“The most important thing that I’ve learned in the last two years is to me it doesn’t matter anymore if I am ‘The Shooter.’ The team got him,” Robert O’Neill said in an audio interview.

The killing of bin Laden will go down in history, O’Neill said. “But I don’t care if I’m ‘The Shooter,’ and there are people who think I’m not. So whatever.”

The audio interview follows an interview published this week in The Washington Post, in which O’Neill publicly identified himself as the SEAL who killed the leader of al Qaeda in 2011.

The 38 year-old O’Neill, who had been serving as a SEAL for 15 years at the time of the bin Laden raid, had participated in other missions, but he said he feared this mission would be his most difficult.

In the audio interview he said the members of SEAL Team Six talked about the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. He and other team members believed they would not return alive from the mission to get bin Laden.

(Source: CNN World)

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