Foreign mediation fails to resolve Egypt’scrisis

International efforts to resolve the political crisis which followed the ousting of Mohammed Morsi have failed, Egypt’s interim presidency says.

Interim head of state Adly Mansour and his backers in the military have been talking to diplomats from the US, EU, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

More than 250 people have been killed in political unrest since Mr Morsi was ousted on 3 July after street protests.

The interim PM urged Morsi supporters to end protests and disperse.

The government’s decision to break up the protest camps led by the Muslim Brotherhood was “final and irreversible” and it had all but run out of patience, said Hazem Beblawi in a televised statement.

The Egyptian presidency declared in a statement that the “phase of diplomatic efforts has ended today”.

“These efforts have not achieved the hoped for results,” said the statement.

The presidency said it “holds the Muslim Brotherhood completely responsible for the failure of these efforts, and for consequent events and developments relating to violations of the law and endangering public safety”.

Interim authorities have repeatedly asked Brotherhood supporters to end two major sit-ins in Cairo. Diplomats have voiced concerns about the possible use of force to break up the protests.

– BBC News

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