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Corruption charges filed against Argentine VP

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Amado Boudou, Argentine Vice President faces up to six years in jail following charges of corruption.

Mr. Boudou is accused of using his influence when he was Argentina’s economy minister to ensure that a contract to print that country’s currency was given to a company he controlled.

Earlier this month, a judge questioned him for more than seven hours in a private session. The judge ruled that Mr. Boudou would remain free while awaiting trial. In addition to Mr. Boudou, Argentine authorities have charged five other suspects.

Mr. Boudou has denied any wrongdoing and has rejected demands to step down.

The case involves the Ciccone Calcografica printing company that has been under investigation for more than three years. Mr. Boudou is accused of using a someone to buy the company when it filed for bankruptcy in 2010. The company later received tax breaks to pay its debts. It also published material used in the re-election campaign of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in 2011. Mr. Boudou was once seen as a possible successor to President Fernandez.

(Pic: BBC World)

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