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Colombian government and rebel group set up truth commission

By Marion V. Ali, Staff Reporter

After five decades of killings of thousands of people the Colombian government and the Farc rebel group have agreed to formullate a truth commission to investigate the deaths.

The two sides ae prepared to hear victims state their demands in Cuba, where the peace talks are being held.

Estimates put the deaths at over 200,000 persons, many of whom were civilians.

A statement released in Cuba on the way forward lays out 10 points that will be the basis for discussions focusing on the victims of the conflict.

The left-wing rebels and the government have so far denied allegations of human rights abuses and blamed each other for the deaths.

The peace process launched by President Juan Manuel Santos in November 2012 is one of the most controversial issues in a debate leading into Sunday’s presidential election.

(Pic: BBC World)

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