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Brazil’s former director of state-run oil company accuses politcians of corruption

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Paulo Roberto Costa, an ex-director of Brazil’s state-run oil company, Petrobras has accused more than 40 politicians of involvement in a kickback scheme over the past ten years.

Costa, who is in jail and being investigated for involvement in the alleged scheme, named a minister, governors and congressmen who were members of the governing Workers party and two other groups that support President Dilma Rousseff who is seeking re-election on October 5.

Many of the names were published in Veja, one of Brazil’s leading magazines and several politicians mentioned have denied involvement.

Costa claimed that politicians received 3 percent commissions on the values of contracts signed with Petrobras when he was working there from 2004 to 2012.

He alleged that the scheme was used to buy support for the government in congressional votes.

Costa, who was arrested in 2013, is now in jail and struck a plea-bargain deal with prosecutors before giving the names.

(Source: BBC World)

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