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Guerillas attack oil field in Colombia

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Rebels in Colombia have attacked the Tibu Oil Field in the north-west of the country near the border with Venezuela.

The two main left-wing rebel groups in Colombia – the Farc and the ELN – are known to operate in the area.

Power stations, oil fields, pipelines and roads have seen damages in actions consistent with the guerrillas.

Armed men reportedly approached a team working at the oil field on Friday and threatened the workers before detonating explosives that damaged part of the facility.

The country’s president, Juan Manuel Santos, 62, was sworn in on August seventh – one day before the attacks.

His success at the polls has been linked largely to progress in peace negotiations with the Farc.

The government believes it can reach a deal by the end of the year that will put an end to five decades of conflict.

The rebels have repeatedly called for a ceasefire during the negotiations, but Mr Santos rejected, saying it would allow the Farc to rearm and regroup.

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