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UDP holds City Council convention

By Benjamin Flowers? Staff Reporter

Thousands showed up on Sunday to vote for which city councilors will run alongside mayoral candidate, Darrell Bradley in the upcoming municipal elections.

The CitCo convention took place at the ITVET compound on Freetown Road.

There were 16 names on the ballot, those are: Freddy Cantillano, Hayacinth Latchman Cuellar, Jason Edwards, Dr. Alain Gonzales, Alifa Elrington Hyde, Samson Jacobs, Dion Leslie, Percy Lewis, Noreen Martinez, Bernard Pitts Jr., Dean Samuels, Kevin Singh, Phillip Singh, Deon Sutherland, Michael Theus, and Phillip Willoughby.

Of them only 10 would make it on to the slate. As was announced last week, councilor Eric Chang has not offered himself up for candidacy.
At noon 972 votes had been cast after only two hours of voting. There were 217 votes from the Lake Independence area, 170 from Queen Square, 125 from Port Loyola, 120 from Albert, Collet had 110, Pickstock 60, Caribbean Shores had 55, Mesopotamia 55, Freetown 40, and Fort George 20. The Reporter newspaper will have the full details of the outcome.

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