Weekend News

Twelve firefighters honored

By Michelle Sutherland
A dozen firefighters from Belize’s National Fire Service graduated on Wednesday after successfully completing a six-week intensive training program.
The official ceremony took place at the National Fire Service headquarters in Belize City and honored 12 firefighters who were trained in leadership skills and emergency response techniques to become leading firefighters, a rank higher than a normal firefighter and the first step in claiming the title of an officer.
The training, which began on November 6th, 2017 with an intake of 17, dwindled to a close on December 15th, with the remaining participants receiving training in theory and practical exercise, effective report writing (fire incident data), incident command, fire control size-up, hazmat, fire hydraulics, fire behavior, fire investigation, table top (managing hazmat incidents) and live fire training exercise.
In his address to the service men, Minister Edmond Castro, whose portfolio includes oversight of the National Fire Service, stated that under his command he would like to see the department blossom into the best in the region.
He said that vision is shared by his government, which is striving to provide the training, equipment and everything else to improve and modernize the department to ensure efficiency and professionalism when responding to fires.fire

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