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Ranchito villager shot and killed in robbery attempt

By Michelle Sutherland

A Ranchito villager, who was shot when he tried to foil a robbery in progress, died from his injuries last night.

According to police, Ivan Emmanuel Sosa, 38, was found motionless by police on April 15th around 12:05 a.m. at a bar in the village. He was laying on his back with a single gunshot wound to his right shoulder.

Police say Sosa was along with the owner of the establishment, which was closing for the night, when a masked man walked up to the door with a sawed off shotgun.

Sosa then intervened, trying to prevent the man from entering the establishment. The owner then closed the door leaving Sosa and the gunman outside arguing. Sosa was then shot.

The gunman then ran across the road and fled into some bushes.

Police investigations continue.

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