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PUP Leader: Arthur Saldivar could face dismissal from party

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Arthur Saldivar, the attorney who is seeking political office on the PUP ticket in the Belize Rural North constituency in the next general elections could face dismissal from the party.

PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, made the announcement publicly on Friday after Saldivar’s former client, Melonie Coye, accused him of stealing over $900,000 two months ago – monies she claims he has refused to return.

Fonseca has said that his party will not wait for the outcome of the case against Saldivar. He continued that the PUP will seek to speak to the relevant parties and if Saldivar is found to have violated any of the party’s standards he could face dismissal.

The allegation stems from Coye’s victory against the Financial Intelligence Unit, which had gotten the courts to seize her family’s money. On appeal, Coye, represented by Saldivar, won the case.

Saldivar has denied the allegation and claims that Coye owes him about twice the amount he’s been accused of stealing, in legal fees.

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