Weekend News

PUP convention sees massive turnout

By Michelle Sutherland

The People’s United Party (PUP) held its much anticipated national convention in Belize city today, starting with a march through city streets, which drew a massive turnout and ended at the ITVET compound for speeches by party leaders.

The parade started on Fabers Road and the crowd of party supporters stretched for several blocks. Party supporters marched with flags and banners down Central American Boulevard to the ITVET compound.

PUP Leader, Johnny Briceno told the Reporter he was happy for the “monumental turnout” and said the turnout has set the stage for the PUP to win the upcoming municipal and general elections.

Briceno estimated 15,000 supporters at the convention at its peak. The ITVET compound was filled to capacity during the rally.

Briceno said that despite having access to abundant resources, the United Democratic Party isn’t able to mobilize the way his party did today. Briceno said the thousands that showed up for the convention sent a loud message that change is coming.

Briceno told the Reporter that the turnout speaks volumes and shows that his party is united and working hard. He said it also shows that Belizeans have gotten enough of crime, incompetence, unemployment and corruption within the country.

The last national convention the PUP hosted was in 2010 in Dangriga.

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