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Outstanding teachers recognized

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

Teachers who have distinguished themselves from among their peers, were honored by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports this week.

During a ceremony held at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts on Thursday, teachers at varying levels were given awards, certificates, and even honored through drama.

Those levels included; pre-primary, primary, secondary, tertiary, technical and vocation, and special education.

The ministry also honored 36 teachers with the “Long Service Award” for being in the profession for 35 years or more.

Minister of Education, Patrick Faber explained that the initiative, is only the beginning in giving teachers in the country the recognition they deserve.

“I think it still does not cover properly recognizing all of our teachers across this country, many in fact are doing a splendid job and don’t even make it to being nominated, but this is a start” Faber said.

He added that since its inception in 2009 the award ceremony has expanded to include the categories currently available, and that the ministry intends to continue and expand thew initiative.

Winner of the Tertiary School Teacher of the Year Award, Dr. Maxine McKay, said that being informed is the best way for for teachers to address the issues of motivation that students and even the teachers themselves are facing in the education system.

“I encourage novice teachers to keep abreast of all the changes going on in the classroom, and to use every avenue of help available through the ministry,” McKay said.

After issuing the awards, the ministry treated teachers to a monologue in their honor performed by the ministry’s Expressive Arts Coordinator, Leroy Green.

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