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Ministry of Education CEO: ‘The ministry is improving employability for TVET students

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

By aligning the curriculum for technical and vocational students the Ministry of Education is improving the employability of Belizean students in the Caribbean, says the ministry’s Chief Executive Officer, David Leacock.

Speaking at the close of the two-week curriculum alignment workshop funded by the banana accompanying measures BAM project of the European Union, Leacock explained that the exercise is a step towards the Ministry being able to offer Caribbean vocational qualification CVQ certifications.

“The CVQ is regionally recognized so our students will be able to be employed wherever they go in the Caribbean, ” Leacock said, “so it’s a matter of getting the systems in place to back able to offer the qualification. ”

Leacock added that the alignment and the other undertakings to offer the CVQs are a part of the education sector reform strategy which aims at improving quality and the relevance of education provided in Belize.

Accord to Dr. Margarita Gomez, director of education services at the MOE, several steps, including teacher training and upgrading the facilities at TVET institutions will follow the curriculum alignment exercise.

Gomez also explained that the BAM project has release over $1 million thus far to aid in the preparation to offer CVQ.

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