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Man who tried to burn wife alive denied bail

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

A man who tried to set his wife on fire was remanded this week to the Hattieville Prison on charges of attempted murder, harm and aggravated assault.

Joel Pech, 34, who police say threw kerosene on his wife, Maria Pech, 36, and tried to light her ablaze after he had beaten her and threatened to kill her, is on remand until September 3rd after he was denied bail in the Corozal court.

Pech, a labourer of Santa Clara Village, Corozal, is accused of committing the crime at around 7:30 on Monday night, while Maria Pech, 36, was cleaning their back yard.  She told police that her husband woke up and began to curse and insult her, and that when she tried to enter the house, he threatened to chop her.  Maria added that Joel attacked her with a machete, inflicting injury to her left leg. She tried to run but he caught up to her, dragged her by the hair and locked her inside the kitchen where she says he tried to burn her alive.

Maria managed to put out the flames but still suffered burn wounds to her right arm.

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