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Hitchhiker raped on Valley of Peace road

By Michelle Sutherland

An 18-year-old Camalote student has reported to police that she was raped on Thursday night by a man she hitchhiked a ride from.

According to police, the girl reported that around 8:00 p.m on April 12th, she was hitchhiking a ride home from Belmopan to Camalote village when upon reaching Roaring Creek village a man on a motorcycle picked her up.

The female alleges that the man drove her to a dark area on the Valley of Peace road where he raped her.

After she was raped, the man reportedly drove the her back to the highway and left her in the vicinity of the West Star gas station.

The girl was later examined by a doctor who confirmed that she was ‘carnally known’.

Police are seeking a suspect for questioning.

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