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GOB to host oil spill disaster consultations

By Benjamin Flowers
In the upcoming week, the Government of Belize will gather with with non-governmental organizations and private sector partners for a consultation aimed at improving the country’s capability to respond to an oil spill.
GOB, through the Department of the Environment in the ministry of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, and Environment & Sustainable Development, and Immigration (MAFFESDI), will host the two-day consultation at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel on February 5 and 6, with the end goal of improving the Working Draft of the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan.
The Doe explained that the major points of discussion at the consultation will be the prevention,
preparedness and coordinated emergency response nationally for an oil spill event in terrestrial, aquatic and marine environment, and align the plan to meet international standards for Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC).
“The updating of the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan is part of the DOE’s commitment to the protection of our environment, pollution control, and disaster management response. It is part of the Government of Belize’s commitment to ensure the safety and security of Belizeans, their environment and livelihoods,” the DOE said.
The department added that the upcoming consultation forms a part of a larger process which began in August last year. The training comes at a time where Belize’s oil production is rapidly declining, and right after GOB placed a moratorium on off shore oil exploration.
Data from the Statistical Institute of Belize released earlier this week, showed that Belize did not export any oil for December 2017.oil

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