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Galen University unveils “A Painted Conversation” 

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter 

Galen University unveiled its art Mural “A Painted Conversation” on Friday in San Ignacio, Cayo. 

The project to create the mural was started by Art Instructor, Natalia Pilato, a Ph.D student in Art Education at Penn State University and students from the Special Topics Art Course at Galen University. It brought together different community agencies collaborating together over a period of 12 months to make the mural a reality. Over 175 people, local and international, joined Pilato and the students. 

To create the theme for the mural, Galen’s students from ‘Social Problems’ course conducted a social inventory survey in the community of San Ignacio Town.  Interviewing over a 100 people, the research resulted in the mural addressing issues such as diversity, youth recognition and ambition, education, community pride, social and personal responsibility, peace and tranquility, recognition of the past and hope for the future. 

Students learned techniques, to visually represent conceptualization, in the community-based art course, taught by Pilato. The class incorporated design principles and painting techniques with community civil work to bring out community-based artistic representation. 

The mural design is a collage of photography and drawings which were traced, color-coded, and hand painted. It is being installed on over 80 feet of wall space immediately behind the BTL branch office at the corner of West Street and Paslow Lane in San Ignacio Town.

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