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Belizean Citizens Abroad reaches out to OAS

By Benjamin Flowers

The diaspora based group Belizean Citizens abroad has shared a letter written to the Organization of American States requesting intervention in the ongoing voter-reregistration process.
The BCA said that it reached out to the OAS office in Washington DC, but was referred to the office in Belize to forward their complaint. The organization is calling for the OAS to render any assistance in ensuring that Beliz’s laws are adhered to and that Guatemalans who obtained Belizean Citizenship who will be allowed to re-register in Belize.
The BCA notes that allowing them to do so would enable them to vote in the upcoming referendum which will decide if Belize takes the territorial dispute with Guatemala to the International Court of Justice.
“We strongly object to the laws of our Constitution being violated which have allowed Guatemalan citizens to become naturalized Belizeans in violation of our Constitution,” the BCA said.
The group pointed to information shared by Prime Minister Dean Barrow, noting that Guatemalans, by virtue of their constitution, cannot denounce their citizenship, and as such cannot be made Belizeans on the strength of Belize’s constitution.
The group is also mounting a petition against the Government of Belize for allowing Guatemalans to participate in the voter re-registration exercise but barring born Belizeans from the same due to a two-month residency requirement. BZE GUAT

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