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Belize Youth Cadet Corps Marching Band gets new musical instruments 

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter

The Police Youth Cadet Corps Marching Band received a donation of marching band equipment from PetroCaribe funds.

Police Sergeant Brent Hamilton, officer in charge of the Community Policing Precinct II, which manages the Cadet Corps, stated that the band is excited to have received six neo-drums, three base drums, three cymbals, a grater, a lyre, and a quads drum.

Previously, the band was using equipment which Minister Wilfred Elrington donated in 2013. Hamilton explains that as the instruments were getting old, they made a proposal to apply for new instruments and PetroCaribe responded. 

Hamilton explains that the marching band is an integral part of the Corps as it helps children from gang-ridden areas stay off the streets and helps them to get involved in positive activities.

The Police Cadet Corps was established in 2013 with the purpose of building leadership in young boys and girls and to equip them with tools for life experiences. Their participation in the band teaches them leadership skills, responsibility, discipline and teamwork, according to Hamilton. The Cadet Corps gives a wide variety of training to its members in life skills, sports, leadership training, table manners and music. 

Hamilton explained that it is important for children to learn music because it helps them acquire new skills and get professional training that they can use in the event that they cannot pursue an academic education. The Cadet Corps engages in performances for the Love FM parade, the September Celebrations, church services, the national youth cadet corps camp and other festivities. 

The Belize Police Youth Cadet Corps falls under the Community Policing initiative at the Belize Police Department. It was established in 1994 and has 1200 members, includong females, from ages 8-17 years. The marching band is led by two young leaders, Everet Nunez who trains the males in the band and Taisha Nunez who trains the females. 

Hamilton states that leading the band is a rewarding experience as he can see the transformation and improvement in the lives of the children. He encourages businesses and the society “to support the Cadet Corps and any youth program to have a better Belize and a better tomorrow”. 

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