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Belize Progressive Party says GOB should pay up

By Benjamin Flowers

The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) is demanding that the Government of Belize pay its outstanding debt to the Belize Bank to keep the country from going into further disrepute in the eyes of the international community.

The BPP issued a statement today challenging the Prime Minister’s statement that a “no” vote from Parliament would effectively keep the Belize Bank from collecting the debt despite the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice that the debt must be paid.

“Given his status as a Senior Counsel, he should be fully aware that such is not the case and therefore the ruling of the CCJ must be adhered to, for the legislature cannot supersede the judiciary, in such matters,” the BPP said.

The BPP also said that failure to pay the debt would result in further deterioration of Belize’s: financial status, international standing and future prospects involving the development of our economic and social sectors.

The party went on to challenge each Belizean to call their areas representative and mandate that they vote yes when Parliament is called to vote on the payment motion later this month. The BPP called on the trade unions, civil society and the NGO community to join in the call to have the debt paid, as it constitutes a matter of national importance superseding any political affiliation.
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