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ATIPS awards logo competition winner

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

The Anti-Trafficking in Persons Council (ATIPS) held an award ceremony on Friday at the George Price Center in Belmopan to award the winners of the “Anti-Trafficking in Persons Logo Compeition” launched late last year.

According to Michelle Segura, ATIPS Focal Point, the winning spot went to Keron Tzul, a junior college student. His prize was a 10-inch Samsung galaxy tab 4. Second and third place went to Cindy Acevedo from Belmopan Baptist high school and Donovan Lisbey from Mopan Technical High School.

Acevedo received a 7-inch Samsung galaxy tab 4, and Lisbey won a Moto E Global GSM 4G phone.

Segura said prior to the competition ATIPS visited several secondary and tertiary level institutions and launched an awareness campaign. The Council was looking for a brand and a slogan, something that would be recognizable and felt Belize’s young talent would be able to provide that.

Segura said they decided on Tzul’s logo because they felt it was the best, which would allow the Council to be recognized as the legislative body in the fight against human trafficking in Belize while serving as an educational body.

ATIPS is a statutory body in Belize tasked with combating human trafficking throughout the country. Segura said there are several committees within ATIPS with different responsibilities. For instance, there are committees for education and communication, awareness, and operations. She explained that the operations committee is tasked with handling discovered cases of people trafficking.

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