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Youths destroy car to uplift Belize

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

Guide Light Productions, a youth organization, in collaboration with Belize Peer Helpers and the Department of Youth Services, held the first ever symbolic car demolition ceremony at the Battlefield Park Friday morning after honoring youths helping their communities.

Andrew Munnings, Guide Light executive director, said the ceremony was organized to honor the youths who have been contributing to the society in a positive way.

Over 70 peer helpers received awards for their efforts during the ceremony, which ended with the demolition of a donated vehicle.

Munnings explained that the destruction of the vehicle, which was marked with words describing the negativity in Belizean society, was a symbolic way of destroying those very negative influences. Teachers, students, peer helpers, and even the Mayor, Darrel Bradley and his political opponent, Yolanda Schakron, participated in demolishing the vehicle.

During the ceremony, Dianne Finnegan, director of the Youth Apprenticeship Program, received an award for her long commitment to working with youths and creating opportunities for them. In her remarks, Finnegan said she believed that it was important to work along with the youths of the community to create opportunities and work to bettering the society.

Munnings said a registration will take place on March 14 at the Nazarene High School for interested youths. Those accepted will be enrolled in a three-week training program, followed by several weeks of community service.

Munnings said the initiative is a collaborative effort between students and parents, funded in part by the Department of Youth Services, the Social Security Board, and donations from the business community.

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