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Salud Mesoamerican 2015 project goes into phase 2

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

This week people in the healthcare system gathered in Belmopan for the second operation meeting of the Salud Mesoamerican 2015 (SM2015) Initiative.

The four-day workshop began on Tuesday at the George Price Center for Peace and Development in Belmopan, and gathered representatives from entities such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the Ministry of Health, as well as people such as community health care workers and public health nurses.

The Belize chapter of the Salud Mesoamerican 2015 initiative, which is geared towards reducing the health equity gap within the region, is entering its second phase.

Project Coordinator for Belize, Martha Woodye, explained that the purpose of the meeting was to strategize and prepare for the implementation of phase two of the project.

“The meeting was centered around looking at the lessons learned from phase one, and deciding how we would implement those in phase two,” Woodye said, “ we also took the time to recognize exceptional persons who assisted in phase one.”

Phase two of the project will commence once the strategy sessions are complete and will last for 24 months. The budget for the second phase of the project is around $450,000which includes both donor and government funds.

The MH2015 project is a public-private effort and a partnership among the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), the Carlos Slim Health Institute (ICSS), Spain’s International Development Cooperation Agency (AECID), the Inter­American Development Bank (IDB), and the countries in the Mesoamerican region.

The three-phased project is geared towards the reduction of maternal, infant and child mortality in the poorest districts of the country through interventions that strengthen primary health care services within the framework of the initiative.

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