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Orange Walk town holds annual tacos fest

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Since 7:00 this morning – and running until the last taco is served – the Banquitas House of Culture in Orange Walk town is holding that 7th annual Tacos Festival.

The event has grown over the years to include tacos of every type made in Belize, done with different techniques and uniqueness to deliver that added kick. Some of these include cooking the meat underground for 24 hours, cooking the meat three times – each time adding different ingredients, or serving combinations of meat for extra flavour.

Today, aside from getting tasty tacos at reasonable prices, tacos lovers can also purchase the cooked meat of their choice by the pound. Some tacos vendors are also offering hand-mae corn tortillas, instead of the thinner, factory-made ones.

The event also includes entertainment for the children and giveaways.

A canoe race also took place earlier, with Koop Sheet Metal, NICH, and Mountain Boys placing as the top three finishers of 10 teams.

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