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Minister Saldivar completes tour of northern Coast Guard facility…

By Michelle Sutherland, Staff Reporter

The Minister of Defense, John Saldivar recently completed a two-day tour of Coast Guard facilities in the Northern caucus of Belize.

The tour which commenced on May 10, is part of the Minister’s plan to inspect and assess security facilities in Belize. 

The tour officially kicked off at a Coast Guard base in Consejo Shores Corozal, where the Coast Guard operates a temporary base owned by the Customs Department.

According to a press release, the facility will soon be developed into a proper inter-agency facility that will house the Belize Coast Guard, Belize Defense Force, Coast Guard and Immigration Department, and will provide law enforcement capacities for the areas of Consejo, Chetumal and Corozal Bay, extending to Sarteneja.

A visit was executed at a Coast Guard facility in Sarteneja, where personnel are currently occupying office space with the Corozal Wild Life Sanctuary, who are in the process of constructing a permanent facility  that will also accommodate the Coast Guard base.

The Minister and his team were escorted on the lead vessel of the Mexican navy through a tour of the Zaragoza Channel.

The tour then headed South and stopped at the Bacalar Chico entrance, which is describe as the Northern most part of Belize’s land mass. An inspection was done on the site where there are plans to set up a forward operating base.

A visit was also executed at the previously owned Nova shrimp farm operation, which now house the Coast Guard facility who currently conducts foot patrolls curbing criminal activities by a significant number.

The team visited the Coast Guard station in San Pedro Ambergris Caye and spent the night at Hol Chan Marine reserve.

The tour is part of a Southern and Central sectors tour that was completed earlier this year by the defense Minister, he was accompanied by CEO Colonel Felix Enriques and the Belize Coast Guard commander admiral John Borland.

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