Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund gives to charitable cause

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Earlier this week, two non-profit, charitable institutions benefitted from donations from the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund (KCMF).

The Fund’s executive, who comprise members of the media industry, presented cheques on Tuesday to the St. Joseph Primary School Feeding Program and the Dara Feeding Program.

In handing over the cheques, the Fund’s Chairman, Alexis Milan said: “The only reason we came together was because Kareem touched us all in a way that we felt we had to come together and unite and join for a cause for his legacy, for the things that he believed in and the causes that he championed.”

In accepting the contributions, Enoe Medina, manager of the St. Joseph’s St. Vincent de Paul Feeding Program and Joel “Dara” Robinson, founder of the Dara Feedibg Program, expressed gratitude to the group of media colleagues who have taken the unfortunate incident of Clarke’s murder to create a positive iniative in the memory of their friend.

The two organizations cater to around 40 underprivileged children on a daily basis. They were selected because they were the favourite charitable efforts which Clarke and his family supported. His family is still actively involved in helping St. Joseph’s Feeding Program.

The proceeds were raised through a concert held on Clarke’s birthday in November – an event that attracted donations from a cross section of society.

Kareem Clarke, who was employed at Kremandala, was randomly targetted by a group of drinking youths, as he rode towards the Bridge near Lakeview Street on Vernon Street early on the morning of July sixth. 2015.

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