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Drunken drug trafficker crashes into tree

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

A Belize City man crashed into a tree on Friday morning, in a failed attempt to avoid police capture.

Responding to reports of an accident, police picked up Ronald Reyes, of 7017 Antelope Street Belize City, at around 12:15 a. m., having crashed his burgundy Ford Escape at mile 16 on the George Price highway.

Police say that Reyes, the sole inhabitant of the vehicle, encountered a check-point at the Boom junction, and sped off trying to escape, instead of stopping. Reyes, however, lost control of the vehicle and sped off the side of the road, crashing into the tree in the process.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found that Reyes had been driving under the influence of alcohol. Up on searching the vehicle, police found 14 pounds of marijuana, and an assortment of imported Bravha beer.

Ladyville police arrested and charged Reyes for drug trafficking, driving with alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit and driving without due care and attention.

Officer Commanding the Eastern Division Rural, Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, explained that the marijuana is suspected to be from Guatemala, and has an approximate street value of $2,800.

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