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Customs said to be investigating police officers with Free Zone contraband

By Rowland A. Parks
Staff Reporter

Belize Customs are investigating a police vehicle which evaded the Customs Checkpoint at the Corozal border and entered the country with a large quantity of contraband goods, including several cases of beers.
A reliable source has confirmed that on Wednesday, a police vehicle belonging to the Mobile Interdiction Team (MIT) of the Police Department was spotted by members of the public and by undercover Customs assets in the Corozal Free Zone, taking on a load of beers from Modelo Distribution and from El Dorado.
After taking on its load, the police vehicle, instead of stopping at the Customs Check Point, exited the Free Zone through a back gate.
The source told Reporter that there is the strong possibility that the MIT vehicle brought the contraband goods into the country illegally, that is why Customs launched its investigation, which will be forwarded to the Commissioner of Police.
Since November 24, in anticipation of the busy Christmas season, Customs has stepped up its interdiction operations in the Corozal Free Zone.
Last week, Customs intercepted two vehicles in the Arenal area. When the vehicles were searched, the search yielded around $3,000 worth of contraband goods.
Three police officers were found in the two vehicles, but the civilian in those vehicles took responsibility for the contraband goods and the matter was settled outside of court, with Customs imposing fines on the drivers of the vehicles.
A report of that incident has been forwarded to the Acting Commissioner of Police Miguel Sugura.
But Segura told Channel 7 News that he was not aware of Wednesday’s incident at the Corozal Free Zone and has received no report from Customs or his own police.

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