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Calaney Flowers walks!

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

After five years on remand at the Belize Central Prison on a charge of ‘murder’ and ‘attempted murder’, Calaney Flowers is finally free.

Justice Troadio Gonzalez handed down the verdict today, saying that Flowers could go free, but warned that there is a possibility she could be found guilty on appeal.

Gonzalez said that he was convinced that Flowers’ vehicle was involved in the accident that killed Lyndon Morrison and injured Sochel Sosa. However, he could not conclude, given the evidence presented, that Flowers had an intention to kill them.

In August 2012, Morrison died after a motorcycle accident at the Freetown Road round about near the YWCA. Sosa testified that Morrison and Flowers had a conversation prior to the incident, and she believed that Flowers was trying to kill them.

Flowers’ attorney, Dickie Bradley, who took over from original attorney Arthur Saldivar, explained that the physical evidence presented to the court, did not prove that Flowers was involved in the accident.

“It cannot be true that a small car like this can slam into a ninja motorcycle with such force to send two people flying into the air, and there is not a single, tell-tale trace. There would be a scratch; there would be a dent,” Bradley said.

Flowers, it is reported, had been intimately involved with the deceased prior to the incident.

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