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BDF has four new pilots and several helicopter mechanics

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Seventeen members of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) who have completed a Helicopter Conversion training course today graduated, two of them with honours.

Four of the members are pilots and 13 are technicians who now know how to fly, repair and service the military’s helicopters.

The training became necessary because of Taiwan’s donation to Belize of two UH1H helicopters in April of last year. The 17 soldiers underwent training last July and finished this month.

The training was done at a cost of $3 million, with instructors provided through the Belize Aviation Company (BELAV).

BDF Commander, Brigadier General, David Jones said repair and servicing the aircrafts is very expensive but now with the military’s own mechanics in-house, the force would need to focus on replacing parts for the choppers, which will be used for deployment in remote areas of the country, rescue efforts, and helping to patrol our borders and protected areas near the borders.

The graduation ceremony took place at the BDF Air Wing base at Williamson Hanger at Price Barracks.

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