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Alleged con artist on the loose

By: Marion V. Ali
Police have issued a warning to Belize City residents to be wary of an alleged con artist who is impersonating a money collector for a local cable company. The warning follows a reported incident today in which a man allegedly collected money from an elderly woman while pretending to be a collecting agent for the cable provider.

The 76-year-old year woman who lives on Southern Foreshore told police that at around 10 this morning a man who appeared to be in his 50’s visited her home, claiming to be a collector for the cable company and told her that she was arrears. The woman continued that the man said that to avoid disconnection she needed to pay $20, which she agreed to do. She said that the man promised to go get her a receipt and return. But the woman’s unfortunate experience did not end there because the man then told her before he left to check the channels on her television to ensure that the reception was good while he checked the connection in her room. As she after he left,the man helped himself to $300 which she had in a purse under her pillow in the bedroom. Police are investigating.

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