Wolverines & Ontario Rebels win in Miley Garcia Softball

TANGSRoaring Creek Grace Kennedy and Ontario Rebels posted big wins in the fourth week of the Miley Garcia softball competition organized by the Cayo Softball Association in Roaring Creek Village on Sunday, May 12.

Pitcher Kenrene Gillett struck out five batters as she led the Ontario hitters to a 38-2 win over the Las Flores Shooting Stars in the first game of the afternoon.

Sandra Lopez and pitcher Gaudalupe Chicas  scored for Las Flores in the top of the first inning, but the Ontario women  recorded a record 32 runs as the entire diamond rounded the bases three times.  Some runners crossed the plate four times in the bottom of the first!

Kenreen Gillett hit a home run in her third time at bat. She, Sharine Reyes, Lizette Gongora, Indira Ireland, Jean Gabourel and Rhona Ireland each scored four runs in the first inning. Gayle Arthurs also hit a home run in her third time at bat and  she, Isha Gardiner and Belvia Gillett scored three runs each.

Gillett gave up no more runs in that inning, but Gongora, Indira and Rhona Ireland, Gillett, Arthurs and Gabourel scored six more runs in the bottom of the second. The game was called by mercy rule when the Las Flores women scored no runs in the top of the third inning.

The Esperanza Wolverines also walloped  former national champions, Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy 8-1 in the second game of the afternoon.

Roaring Creek has been without their national team pitcher Leyandra Guy since the start of the season; and Shamera “Shampoo” Wade walloped a home run off Ayannah Smith’s pitching to score the Wolverines’ first run in the top of the first inning.

Patricia Spain and Marsha ‘Nija” Stevens followed Wade as the Esperanza women led 3-1 after Myralee Ho also hit a home run off Shareenie Soberanis’ pitching in the bottom of the first. Soberanis gave up no more runs, and the Esperanza women went on to win 8-1.

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