Western Eagles outshine DHC Excellence 150-108 in cricket finals

Western Eagles of Rancho Dolores outshone Excellence Club of  Double Head Cabbage 150-108 in the second match of the championship finals of the 2012 Smart Harrison Parks Cricket Competition in Double Head Cabbage on Saturday, July 28.

Western Eagles batted first, and the opening batsman, Linden “Bump” Pook, proved himself the giant of the side, despite his diminutive size. He walloped six boundaries and many more singles to score 52 runs, before he was bowled out by Orson “Big Dawg” Flowers.

His partner Jermaine Pook Jr. hit three boundaries to score 16 runs before he was caught on a ball from Ian Broaster. The Eagles’ captain Dirk Sutherland walloped a single six to score 11 runs before he too was caught on a ball from Ian Broaster. Yasir Pook hit a single boundary to score five runs before he was given Leg Before Wicket.

Marlon “Camala” Nicholas dismissed the next batsman for zero runs, while Jonathan Benjamin hit a six and two boundaries, before a personal emergency obliged him to retire.

Jude Joseph entered to hit a six and a boundary, scoring 13 runs before he was caught on a ball from Orson Flowers. Dean Perez Sr. entered to hit two boundaries scoring 12 runs before he too fell victim to Orson Flowers’ bowling. Norman Pook  hit a single boundary before Marlon Nicholas bowled him out, and Orson Flowers took his fourth wicket for zero runs to retire the side;

Martin Joseph batted three runs, remaining not out.

But the Excellence bowlers were without two key men,Keenan Flowers and Emmanuel McFadzean who had  left  with the National Under-21 selection for  a  regional competition.  Burke Howard, and the Excellence bowlers had given up two leg byes and 15 wides, allowing the visitors to amass 150 runs.

Even so, it seemed that Excellence had the game in the bag, were batting as they were on their home turf, and 150 runs seemed not too big a score to equal; but this was reckoning without the Western Eagles’ bowlers, including the  skilful spin bowler Yasir Pook who took six wickets.

Opening batsman Orson “Big Dawg” Flowers hit two boundaries to score 13 runs, while his partner Ian Broaster walloped five sixes and four boundaries to score 47 runs before Yasir Pook sent his wicket flying. But with two byes and two leg byes, and 12 wides, the Excellence duo  batted 79 runs, before Dirk Sutherland bowled out Flowers.

Kenny Broaster tried to follow his brother’s example but was given Leg Before Wicket after scoring only two runs. The wickets began to fall in swift succession as Yasir Pook took the next three wickets for five runs!

Dirk Sutherland dismissed the seventh batsman for zero runs. Enter Sydney “Brooksie” Martinez, who had been the Man of the Match in the semifinals. This time he  hit a six and a boundary to score 17 runs; but Yasir Pook dismissed his next two batting partners for four . The Excellence batsmen   had scored 108 runs by the time Sutherland sent Martinez’s wickets flying to retire the home side; Lloyd Flowers remained not out.

The third decisive match of the finals will be played on neutral ground at Bermudian Landing this Saturday. August 4.

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