Wesley Upper boys win national primary schools basketball championship

The boys of Wesley Upper Primary School of Belize City won the National Basketball Tournament organized by the National Sports Council at  Roger’s Stadium in Belize City last Friday, April 27.

Most Valuable Player, Shaquille Crawford scored 20 pts as he led the Belize District champions, the  boys of Wesley Upper, to win 39-16  over the Stann Creek district champions, the boys of Holy Family RC School.

Clifton Castillo hit a long 3-pointer as he led the Holy Family boys with six points, but with Wesley’s Kyle Hamilton scoring eight points, Chevon Nuñez good for another six  and Raymond Gongora Jr. adding three points, the Wesley Upper boys were already leading 20-6 at intermission.

Rudolph Burke added a basket to seal the 39-16 win, even as Kenton Augustine and Kevon Cabral each hit  long 3-pointers for Holy Family, Remington Yarde added a basket and Donovan Mariano scored a free throw.

The Cayo district champions, the boys of Faith Nazarene Primary School,  triumphed 25-12 over the Orange Walk district champions, the boys of Trial Farm Government School in the consolation game for third place.

Ryler Rhaburn led the Cayo boys with 10 pts, while Kyron Molina and Brandon Cante each scoring four points, and Osbin Parham and Steven Butencheon scoring a basket each. Sergio Rodriguez led the Orange Walk boys with four points, while Dedron Baptist, Cesar Vasquez, Elton Martinez and Sergio Samos scored a basket each.

The Wesley Upper boys  qualified for the finals by a 39-11 win over the Trial Farm boys in the semifinals. Again MVP Shaquille Crawford led with 15 pts while Ray Gongora Jr and Rudolph Burke each added eight points and Chevan Nuñez added a basket. Cesar Vasquez and Elton Martinez each scored four points for Orange Walk and Dedron Baptist added a basket, but the Wesley Upper boys were already leading 15-10 at intermission, and only Sergio Rodriguez hit one free throw for Orange Walk in the second half.

The Wesley boys d also won 25-15 over Faith Nazarene boys in the opening game of the tournament. Ray Gongora  led with 10pts, while MVP Shaquille had nine, and Kyle Hamilton, Andy Alford and Rudolph Burke tossed in a basket each.

Steven Butencheon and Osbin Parham led the Cayo boys with six points each, while Dimitre Sleeuw  added a basket and Kyron Molina chipped in a free throw.

Holy Family boys also advanced to the finals by a 17-15 win over the Faith Nazarene boys in the semifinals. Clifton Castillo led Holy Family with seven points, Kevon Cabral added four points, and the Stann Creek boys led 9-7 at intermission.

Charlton Dominguez, Donovan Mariano and Kenton Augustine tossed in a basket each for the win. Osbin Parham  led the Faith Nazarene boys with seven points, while Kyron Molina had four points and Ryler Rhaburn and Dimitre Sleeuw each scored a basket.

The Holy Family boys  advanced to the semifinals by a 28-26 win over the Toledo district champions, the boys of Punta Gorda Methodist School in the second game of the day.

Remington Yarde led with 12 pts, while Kevon Cabral and Clifton Castillo added six points each, and Kenton Augustine tossed in a basket.

Filadelfo Barrientos led the P.G. boys with 13 pts, while Arik Nicholas and Devin Trapp added four points, and Roberto Barrientos hit a basket. and Devon Pratt hit two free throws.

The Trial Farm boys  also advanced to the semifinals by a 21-17 win over the Holy Family boys in the third game of the day. Dedron Baptist led the Orange Walk boys with 10 pts, while Cesar Vasquez added four, Sergio Rodriguez scored three and Isaac Conorquie hit two free throws. Clifton Castillo and Remington Yarde scored eight points each for Stann Creek.

The Punta Gorda boys were eliminated by points differential, even though they won 17-15 over the Trail Farm boys in the fourth game. Filadelfo Barrientos led with 10pts, Devin Trapp added five and Arik Nicholas scored the winning basket. Dedron Baptist hit a 3-pointer as he led Trial Farm with six points, while Cesar Vasquez added three, Clifton Martinez scored two free throws, and Sergio Rodriguez and Isaac Conorquie hit one free throw each.

International Softball hall of famer Phillipa Bailey presented team trophies and individual medals to the champions, the second and third place winners in the closing ceremony at the Rogers Stadium. Wesley Upper’s Shaquille Crawford won the Most Valuable Player award.


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