Wesley & Ladyville Tech girls win in high schools softball

By William Ysaguirre Freelance Reporter
The girls of Wesley College and Gwen Lizarraga High School both enjoyed victories when the Belize City high schools softball competition continued at the Roger’s Stadium last Saturday morning, February 1.
The Wesley girls defeated the girls of Anglican Cathedral College 15-7 in Saturday’s first game, collecting 12 hits off Ashley Alarcon’s pitching. Alarcon struck out seven batters but she also walked seven and the rest of the ACC diamond made seven errors. Wesley led 6-0 when Shanice Humes, Kristy Terry, Asia Pitts, Brianna Meighan, Ayla Franklin and Ianna Wagner scored in the top of the first inning.
Wesley’s pitcher Brianna Meighan struck out nine batters, giving up only five hits, even though she walked four batters, allowing only ACC’s Avis Guydis score in the bottom of the first. Terry scored again in the top of the second, while Susannah Matura scored for ACC in the bottom of the second.
The Wesley diamond made several errors, but the they managed to hammer out a commanding lead: 13-5 as Humes, Jahnecia Marsden, Pitts, Meighan, Franklin and Wagner scored in the top of the fourth.
ACC’s Avis and Pook scored again in the bottom of the fourth, but Terry and Pitts scored in the top of the fifth for the 15-7 win.
The Gwen Liz girls got an easy bye to their first win when the girls of Excelsior high school forfeited their scheduled game for Saturday morning.
The girls of St. Catherine’s Academy had also enjoyed a 7-0 victory over the Excelsior girls who were also a no show for their scheduled game last Wednesday evening.
The girls of Ladyville Technical High School had enjoyed a 5-4 victory over the Gwen Liz girls, when the completion kicked off last Wednesday. Pitcher Roslyn Smith had scored first for Gwen Liz in the top of the first inning. She also struck out eight batters, giving up only two hits, but walked seven batters. The Ladyville girls also made four errors, allowing Alma flowers, Devonie Reyes and Amber Wade to score for Ladyville in the bottom of the first.
Ladyville’ pitcher Kenisha Ferguson struck out six batters and gave up five hits, allowing Smith, Tyra Moreira and Ashley Lucas to score in the top of the third inning as Gwen Liz took over the lead 4-3. But the Gwen Liz diamond made two errors allowing Reyes and Jalecia Jones to score in the bottom of the third for the 5-4 win.

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