Undefeated Tuff e’Nuff leads Interoffice Basketball

IMG_1254 Tuff wintons prattTuff e’Nuff leads the 2013 Interoffice Basketball Competition posting sixth and seventh wins at Bird’s Isle last Thursday and Saturday  to complete the regular season undefeated and enter the playoffs as the top-ranked seed.

Oceana No Limits is second-ranked, entering the playoffs with six victories. Oceana’s only loss was to Tuff e’Nuff, while the Conscious Youth Development Program also made the playoffs as the third ranked seed with four wins . They lost  to Tuff e’Nuff, Oceana and  Police.

IMG_1157 dorian jonesThe Allied Insurance Abyssinians are also in the playoffs, after posting their fourth victory: 93-80 over Sir Belikin last Thursday night. Ty Bradley  drained in three 3-pointers as he led the brewers with 33 pts.

Belikin led 20-18 in the first quarter. Dorian Jones added 16 pts, 11 boards to keep them ahead 44-37 at intermission.

Earl “Bolo” Johnson led the Abyssinians’ counterattack with 25 pts, 12 boards and Rupert Brown drained in two 3-pointers as he added 21 pts, four rebounds; while Roscoe Rhys also hit three 3-pointers to add 19 pts.

The Abyssinians took over the lead 67-65 at the end of third quarter.

Belikin’s Travis Lennon scored 14 pts and Stephen “Muerte” Williams drained in a 3-pointer. Marcel Orosco poured in 10 pts for the Abyssinians to cruise to a 93-80 win.

Tuff e’Nuff enjoyed  its sixth victory: 90-80 to hand Digicell  its seventh consecutive loss last Thursday night. Team captain Rico Black drained in five 3-pointers as he led Tuff e’Nuff with 23 pts. They led 25-16 in the first quarter.

Ed Thompson responded with 25 pts for Digicell, but Farron Louriano’s 19 pts and Ashton Edwards’ three 3-pointers for 13 pts and Tyrone Edwards’ also hitting two 3-pointers to add 12 pts saw Tuff e’Nuff up 52-36 at intermission.

Digicell’s Raheem Staine poured in 24 pts, Jordan Santos added 20 pts, but Tuff e’Nuff continued to lead 65-60 in the third quarter.

Winston “Air Jun” Pratt added eight points and Jamal Kelly drained in a 3-pointer to secure the 90-80 win.

Tuff e’Nuff’s seventh victory was 100-85 over the Police on Saturday night. Ash ton Edwards was hot that night, draining in five 3-pointers to lead Tuff e’Nuff with a monster 39 pts, the highest individual scored of the tournament!

Tuff e’Nuff led 31-18 at the end of the first quarter and Farron Louriano added 18 pts, and Tyrone Edwards added four 3-pointers – 12 pts to lead 53-45 at intermission.

Linton Broaster drained in seven 3-pointers to lead the Police with 30 pts. Orlando Bowen tossed in 18 pts and Shane Rosales hit two 3-pointers to add 12 pts, but Tuff e’Nuff continued to lead 84-64 by the end of the third quarter.

Franklin Dixon added 10 pts while Keith Pollard chipped in six and Rico Black added five to secure the win, even as Sheldon Williams scored 11 pts for the Police, and Bernard Blades added nine.

Oceana No Limits squeaked past C.Y.D.P. 73-72 to post its sixth win last Saturday night. Jacob “Snake” Leslie led with six 3-pointers for 27 pts to lead 27-9 in the first quarter.

Greg Rudon also drained in three 3-pointers to add 21 pts as they led 43-32 at intermission.

Bernard Felix led C.Y.D.P.’s counterattack with 29 pts. Leroy Louriano added 13 pts and Alrick Olivera tossed in another 19, while Ervin Orosco added eight to take over the lead 57-53 at the end of third quarter.

Brandon Rogers added eight points for Oceana and Kurt “Chengo” Burgess put in six  and 13 boards to secure the 73-72 win even as Alfred Bainton, Jermaine “Gumbi” Tillett and Evan Ferguson each scored seven points for C.Y.D.P.


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