Tuff E’Nuff & Alamilla’s enter Interoffice basketball finals

Alamilla’s Furniture and Tuff E’Nuff won through to the championship finals of the 2012 Belize City Interoffice Basketball Competition in the third game of the semifinals series at Bird’s Isle last Saturday, July 14.

After a surprise upset in Game 1, Tuff e’Nuff zoned out Quan’s Trading Company 63-41 in its rematch last Friday night, forcing their series to a third game.

Farron Louriano led with 16pts, nine boards, as Tuff E’Nuff led 21-8 in the first quarter. Keith Acosta added 10 pts, nine boards and Stephen “Muerte” Williams scored nine points and two rebounds, taking Tuff e’Nuff to a 33-15 lead at intermission.

Tyron “Joker” Edwards added seven points, six boards; Raul Roches had six points and seven boards, while Jamal Kelly had five points, giving Tuff e’Nuff a 46-24 lead by the end of the third quarter.

Vince Garbutt led Quan’s with 10 pts, while Kareem Elrington had seven, and Travis Lennon and Jerome “Penny” Ellis scored four each, but Jacob “Snake” Leslie scored only one basket, and  Tuff e’Nuff closed them down 63-41 at the final buzzer.

In the third game on Saturday, Farron Louriano led with 17pts, 11 boards as Tuff E’Nuff led 17-14 in the first quarter. Quan’s Jacob Leslie drained in two long 3-pointers to match that with 17 pts, two rebounds and Travis Lennon also hit a 3-pointer as he added 13 pts, six board to seize the lead 31-26 at intermission.

Vince Garbutt scored 13 pts and four boards, while Kachief Thomas hit a 3-pointer to add seven points and three rebounds, and Danny Reynolds chipped in four points to lead 47-45 at the end of the third quarter.

Tuff e’Nuff hung in there with Keith Acosta adding 13 pts, Densmore Edwards drained in two 3-pointers as he and Raul Roches added 10 pts each. Tyrone Edwards added six, and Stephen Williams hit a 3-pointer as he added five to take it away 62-61 at the final buzzer.

In the other semifinal series, Alamilla’s Furniture dominated game one, but the Conscious Youth Development Program stayed alive by winning the second game of the series in a convincing fashion 70-48 on Friday night. Bernard Felix led C.Y.D.P. with 14 pts, five boards, but Greg “Chippy” Rudon hit a 3-pointer as he answered with 10 pts and two boards to give Alamilla’s a 15-14 lead in the first quarter.

Winston “Air Jun” Pratt added 11 pts, four boards for C.Y.D.P. and Marcel Orosco had 11 pts four boards to give C.Y.D.P. a 31-23 lead at intermission. Ervin Orosco and Lennox Bowman added nine points  each and Jermaine “Gumbi” Tillett added six points, four boards to lead 50-35 at the end of the third quarter.

The C.Y.D.P. boys never looked back, even though Kevin Domingo also hit a 3-pointer to add 11 pts, four boards for Alamilla’s. Brandon Rogers had nine points, nine boards, and Kevin Lorenzo chipped in four points in the loss.

Alamilla’s clinched the third game of the series by the slimmest of margins 63-62, to challenge Tuff E’Nuff in the finals. Greg Rudon hit two 3-pointers as he led with 19 pts, three boards. Alamilla’s led 14-9 in the first quarter. Brandon Rogers and Kurt “Chengo” Burgess each added nine points, Burgess had 13 boards putting Alamilla’s  up 37-26 at intermission.

Lennox Bowman hit two 3-pointers to narrow the deficit with 14 pts, six boards, Winston Pratt added 11 pts and Matthew Young had nine points and  22 boards to close the gap, but still  trailing 42-48 at the end of the third quarter.

Marcel Orosco scored eight points, eight boards and Bernard Felix added six points, as the C.Y.D.P. men gave Alamilla’s a run for its money in the final quarter. Alamilla’s Kevin Lorenzo responded with two 3-pointers to add eight points, while Carlisle Barrow added six points to put them over the top 62-61 at the final buzzer.

The championship finals begin on Friday night, July 20.

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