Triple B’s enter Atlantic Bank football finals

IMG_2842 Kaina martinez 2nd g9alThe undefeated Triple B’s of Belmopan have qualified to the championship finals of the Atlantic Bank female football competition, and will host the Ladyville Jaguars in the first final scheduled for the FIFA Goal Project Stadium beside the Football Federation of Belize in Belmopan on Saturday, August 31.

The Triple B’s qualified to the finals by a 4-1 victory over Gentle Touch of Esperanza in the second game of the semifinals at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio last Saturday, August 10, following up on a 3-1 win the first semifinal the week before.

Miriam Villamil and Kaina Martinez led the Triple B’s offensive, with the help of Iris Centeno and Jersha Estrada on the wings and Kaya Cattouse and Jennisha Scott at midfield, while Shirley Codd anchored the Triple B’s defense with help of Beatrice Alfaro, Wendy Vernon and Roslyn “Chu-Chu” Cadle.

IMG_2882 cindy fuentes Gentletouch 1st goalMiraim Villamil blasted in the first goal past goalkeeper Marlene Drysdale after nine minutes of action. Kaina Martinez lived up to her billing as the fastest woman in Central America when she escaped the marking of Cynthia Salazar, Shamera Wade, Eden Gentle and Shannon Gentle to embarrass Drysdale with a second goal 20 minutes later.

The Triple B’s won a free kick just outside the 18-yard quadrant, but Kaya Cattouse’s execution sent the ball sailing over the crossbar. Drysdale put her body on the line to stop the next Triple B’s attack, but she had to be helped off the field and was later found to have both her collarbones broken.

Eden Gentle donned the goalkeeper’s jersey in the second half, while Jolene Gentle replaced Eden on defense, while Triple B’s coach Kent Gabourel Sr also introduced Rose Ogaldez to replace Estrada.

Kimberly “Brazilian” Perez and Ethlene Gentle led the Esperanza counterattack supported by Marsha “Ninja” Stevens and Maria Carillo on the wings and Cindy Fuentes and Abby Halliday at midfield, but it was Kaya Cattouse who embarrassed Eden Gentle with the Triple B’s third goal when she finished a pass from Villamil. Gentle got a glove on the ball but only succeeded in deflecting the ball into the net.

The Gentle Touch defense sorely missed their sweeper Kendra “Peaches” Gentle, who was sitting out a red card suspension. Ethlene Gentle got off a shot that went directly to goalkeeper Idania Ramirez, while Cindy Fuentes’ try from point blank range sailed over the crossbar. Kaya Cattouse blasted in a fourth goal that Gentle might have stopped but she made no try as the ball dribbled past her.

Zandra Gentle replaced Jolene, and Cindy Fuentes finally made amends for her earlier misses with a shot from the left that hit the far right upright and into the net. It proved Esperanza’s only consolation goal, for when Stevens and Halliday set table for Fuentes’ next try the ball went sailing over the crossbar again.

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