Toledo Community College boys win national volleyball championship

The undefeated boys of Toledo Community College repeated as National High Schools Volleyball Champions for the fifth consecutive year, dominating the tournament organized by the National Secondary Schools Sports Association and hosted by the Belmopan Baptist High School at the University of Belize Jaguar Auditorium on Friday and Saturday, November 9-10.
The Toledo Community College boys dominated the Central Regional Champions, the hitherto undefeated boys of St John’s College, in the finals on Saturday.
Perry Diaz, Raymond Gillett, Andrew Vasquez, and Zachary Garbutt led the St John’s attacks on plays set by team captain Harold Nava and Raheem Flowers as they led 12-10 in the first set. The SJC boys opened up a 18-12 lead, but Trevor Muschamp, Kylon Martinez, Anfernee Archer and Robin Nightingale led a fierce TCC counterattack, hammering kills at the net on plays set by libero Julio Requeña and Alwyn Mahung as they closed the gap to tie the score 18-18, and went on to win the first set 25-23.
SJC’s libero Dimitri Fabro rotated into the game when they lost the serve, while James Bregal relieved Nightingale but the TCC boys dominated the second set 25-16. The SJC boys tried for a comeback in the third set, but the TCC boys won 25-18.
The TCC boys also prevailed over the western regional champions, the boys of Mopan Technical High School, in three sets on Friday night. Again Muschamp, Martinez, Archer and Nightingale led the TCC offensive hammering kills on plays set by Bregal and Mahung, while Voshaun Csatillo relieved Robin to win the first set 25-16.
Justin Alas and Orvin Tun led the Mopan counterattacks with help of Jason Alas, Denys Can, Denivar Chan and Christian Lopez and Sergio Chan and Amin Chinchilla relieved Lopez and Alas, but TCC also refreshed its attack formation with Jaryn Lino and Raveh Palacio replacing Mahung and Martinez to take the second set 25-20.
TCC’s Tarique Avila Lorenzo Castillo and Nightingale took the court even as Lopez and Chan returned to the game; and the TCC boys won the third set 25-21.
The St John’s boys dominated the northern regional champions, the boys of Escuela Secundaria Técnica Mexico, in three sets in the opening game of the tournament on Friday evening.
Rai West and Jaison Hernandez led the Escuela offensive, scoring hits with the support of Edward Teck, Edwin Pech, Denzel Zetina and Russel Delgado, but St John’s Diaz, Gillett, Vasquez and Flowers hammered balls set by Nava and Garbutt to win the first set 25-13. With the help of Malique Tillett and Mishek Musa, they also made short work of the Escuela boys in the next two sets 25-14 and 25-20.
Escuela Mexico boys won the consolation game for third place in a gruelling duel that went the full five sets.
Justin Alas, Juan Santos and Orvin Tun led the Mopan offensive with Denys and Alvin Can and with Amin Chinchilla’s help, they won the first set 25-17.
Escuela’s Teck, Zetina, Oseitas Blanco and Russel Delgado received and set the ball for West and Hernandez to hammer kills at the net and Edwin Pech relieved Blanco as they took the second set 25-17.
Sergio and Denivar Chan, Heberald Can and Denys Can took the court to help the Mopan boys win the third set 25-18. Lopez and Chinchilla rejoined the Mopan offensive as they sought to finish it in the fourth set, but Escuela won 25-20 to tie the game 2-2. Mopan had shot its bolt; Escuela took the fifth set and match: 15-7.
The principal of Belmopan Baptist High School presented individual medals and team trophies to the champions, second and third place winners and the Western championship trophy to the Mopan Tech boys. TCC’s star attacker Trevor Muschamp received the Most Valuable Player award.

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